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Dentures are also suitable alternatives to replace a missing tooth. You may even get dental implants to provide a stable anchor for your dentures. This solution eliminates the inconvenience, discomfort, and other problems that may come with wearing ill-fitting restorations.

Here are some of the benefits of getting permanent dentures:

  • A natural-looking smile
  • Comfort and confidence
  • No worries of your restorations slipping off as you eat, laugh, or talk
  • No diet restrictions
  • No sagging of the face due to loss of support from the jawbone

Art of Modern Dentistry uses Valpast when developing our dentures in Chicago, IL. This provides you with lightweight, flexible, and strong dentures that restore the natural beauty of your smile.

Alternatives to Immediate Dentures

Periodontal therapy for patients who don't have enough healthy gums and bone tissues surrounding the teeth
  • Root canal therapy for teeth with infected nerves
  • Bridges and partial dentures for filling in gaps and spaces due to missing teeth
  • Overdentures for custom-fitted tooth restorations
  • Implants for replacing missing teeth
  • Delaying treatment when the condition of the teeth and gums could affect the success of the dental procedure

Alternatives to Overdentures

When a tooth is extracted, your jawbone begins to recede. To prevent this, we recommend leaving some parts of your tooth's root and placing an overdenture on the extraction site. This solution minimizes bone loss and provides stable tooth restoration.

There are other alternatives to overdentures:

  • Immediate dentures when complete removal of all your teeth is necessary
  • Implants for additional support on new dentures and prevention of jawbone loss
  • Partial dentures when the remaining teeth are used to anchor your restoration
  • Delaying treatment when the condition of the gums and teeth might cause additional risks to your oral health

Alternatives to Partial Dentures

We recommend partial dentures as another solution for replacing missing teeth and filling in gaps. With partial dentures, you'll have no reason to hide that stunning smile.

If partial dentures are not suitable for your condition, our dentists may recommend the following alternatives:

  • Bridges for replacing missing teeth and preventing adjacent teeth from shifting out of place
  • Implants for support and stable anchor when placing a bridge or partial denture
  • Dentures for multiple tooth restorations
  • Delaying treatment when the procedure might only aggravate the condition of the teeth and gums

Contact us to get more information about our dentures in Chicago! We'll gladly discuss the different options to help you achieve that perfect smile.

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