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Stopping Ice Cream Headaches and Tooth Pain

As summer temperatures rise, so does the consumption of ice cream. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than ice cream in all its frozen glory. Unfortunately, this delectable treat also has a ...
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Understanding Bruxism and Teeth Grinding

You may have never heard of the term before bruxism, or maybe you have. In either case, it’s helpful to know what it is and what to do about it. Bruxism is when you unconsciously grit or grind ...
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Overcoming Fear of the Dentist

It’s common for people to fear something; a frequent fear for people is fear of the dentist. Fear of the dentist often stems from a childhood memory. A child might have had to get multiple shots ...
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The History of Teeth Cleaning

From Cavemen to Modern Man Have you ever stood at the mirror in the morning, frothy peppermint foaming from your mouth as you vigorously brushed your teeth after breakfast, and wondered how your ...
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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, the four molars at the ends of the jaws on both sides, are the last teeth to form in the adult mouth. They may appear at any time from late puberty to early adulthood. They are the teeth ...
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Preventing Bad Breath

Bad breath is a common problem. It usually occurs after eating certain foods. The odor generally dissipates after digestion and/or tooth brushing. Bad-smelling breath that is chronic and not related ...
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History of the Tooth Fairy

Next to Santa Claus the Tooth Fairy is the best known fantasy figure of early childhood. However, the Tooth Fairy, as we know her, is a modern creation and only appeared in the last 100 years. ...
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Foods That Stain Your Teeth

Stained or yellowed are unseemly, make you look older and can affect your social life. Some of the biggest perpetrators are foods you eat and drink every day. Here are some of the biggest perpetrators ...
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The Best Tips For A Healthy Smile

There are so many ways that people will tell you how to take care of your teeth. And with all these products that claim to know what is best for you can be quite overwhelming. But today the best ...
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What Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Are There?

Entering into the world of cosmetic dentistry may feel overwhelming with so many options to choose from. We are here to give you the rundown of some of the basics when it comes to deciding what is ...
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Best 5 Tips To Whiten Your Teeth at Home

If you are in search of traditions ways that you can whiten your teeth from your own home, here are 5 great ideas for you. 1. Try Baking Soda Combine a small amount of baking soda with water and soak ...
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Good Dental Health in 10 Steps

If you hear the words "dental care," you may think of dentist office, fillings, sealants, braces and so forth. Yet that is not the whole story. Good dental health actually begins with you. ...
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