Baby Teeth Are Important!

When you have children, "firsts" are important milestones in development: first words, first steps, and so on. One first that is often overlooked is a child's first dental appointment.

A child should first see the dentist by age one, as the prevalence of childhood cavities is increasing each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cavities in children between ages two and five have increased by 14 percent in the last decade. Other than making sure teeth gums are healthy, visiting the dentist when your baby is young allows the dentist to show you the proper cleaning technique and what to look out for as teeth grow in.

Just because baby teeth aren't permanent doesn't mean they are less important to your child's health and development. Baby teeth assist in speech development as well as proper chewing, which encourages better nutrition. They also save space for when permanent teeth grow in, not to mention give your child the confidence of a healthy, beautiful smile.

You can prevent early childhood caries (cavities) by cleaning your baby's gums and teeth every day. Give only breast milk, formula or water in a bottle, and never let your baby sleep with a bottle. Keep snacks healthy, and of course, bring them in to a pediatric dentist by age one!


Courtesy of Colgate and the Wisconsin Dental Health Association

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