Oral Warning Signs of Other Health Issues

Oral Warning Signs That Can Show Other Health Issues

Maintaining oral health isn't just a matter of white teeth, strong gums and sweet breath. Some signs and symptoms of diseases that seem to have nothing to do with teeth and gums can actually show up in the mouth. Some of these diseases are quite serious indeed, so it's a good idea for a patient to visit your Chicagoland dentist on a regular basis. Regularly check-ups can help us diagnose diseases before they become serious. Here are some health issues that might have oral warning signs:

• Eating Disorders
With eating disorders, the patient often doesn't eat or forces herself to throw up what she does eat. This causes the body to be nutrient deficient. Gums can become spongy, pale and liable to bleed. The teeth can also start to erode and lose their enamel because of constant vomiting. The salivary glands might also swell and the mouth may become dry.

• Lupus
Lupus is an auto-immune disease and so can affect oral health. Many people with lupus suffer from ulcers in their oral cavity. They may also have raised plaques and pinpoint bleeding in the mouth.

• Anemia
People with anemia might have pale gums, yeast infections in their mouths and an unusually smooth tongue.

• Oral Cancer
Some signs of oral cancer are lumps, sores that won't heal, malocclusion and thickened, hardened areas in the mouth or around the head and neck. Oral cancer can be mistaken for something else, so it's important that a patient see the dentist if he or she notices anything amiss on the tongue, gums or other structures in the mouth.

• Diabetes
Diabetes can wreak havoc with the immune system, so it's not unusual for people with the disorder to have problems with their oral health. This includes bad breath. Indeed, the breath of people suffering from ketoacidosis can smell a bit fruity. Ketoacidosis is a very serious and potentially fatal complication of diabetes. Diabetics can also suffer from fungal infections in the mouth and inflammation of the gums.

There are a surprising number of diseases whose early signs and symptoms show up in the oral cavity. This is why regular dental check-ups are so important.

Courtesy of Know your teeth - http://www.knowyourteeth.com/infobites/abc/article/?abc=O&iid=320&aid=9433

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