Negatives of Dental Tourism

Dental tourism involved traveling to a different country for dental treatment. In many cases, the treatment is cheaper in foreign countries such as Hungary, Mexico, India, Poland, Singapore and Thailand. However ideal this may seem, putting wealth in front of health can have negative consequences. Take a look at a few reasons why dental tourism may not be the wisest choice in receiving dental care.

  • Dentists abroad may use materials during treatment that are not of adequate quality.
  • Dental work cannot and will not be guaranteed in some countries. You may have little or no redress against the dentist.
  • Fixing any problems after returning home may cost a lot of money, potentially more than you saved by getting treatment overseas.
  • For some treatment, you may need to make several trips if it requires repeat visits or have an extended recovery period. This cannot be done in five to 10 days or back-to-back.
  • Small scale treatments are often not worth the extra expenses (travel, hotel, etc.) unless you were traveling to that destination anyway.


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