Blog Posts in July, 2013

Guard Your Mouth While Playing Sports

Imagine suddenly losing one or two of your front teeth. Everything would be affected - the way you look, feel and function everyday. You may not want to show your smile, and eating and talking would ...
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Smile Big With a Pair of Dentures

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. If you've lost all your natural teeth, replacing them benefits both your health and your appearance. When ...
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Top 10 Toothbrushing Mistakes

When you brush your teeth each day, do you really think about what you're doing? For most, it's a habit so ingrained in us that we don't think twice, but this can lead to sloppy brushing and can cause ...
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Have You Laughed Today?

As we get older, life brings along more responsibilities and stress, and we tend to lose the habit of smiling and laughing. The care-free attitude of childhood seems to be lost on us, but in reality ...
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Cover all the Bases at Your Next Dental Appointment

When you visit your cosmetic dentist, a variety of factors should be evaluated. Make sure the following are covered on your next visit: Medical History : As with regular doctor visits, you should ...
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Prevent Bad Gums

Bacteria build up in your mouth can lead to periodontal disease, or gum disease, a serious infection of the gums. Without treating it promptly it can cause receding gum lines and tooth loss. Follow ...
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Zoom! Laser Whitening

At Art of Modern Dentistry, we offer Philips Zoom! ® whitening, which can help you achieve the brightest smile in the safest and fastest way possible. What makes Zoom whitening different from ...
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Stay Away from Sour

The damaging effects of soda and sugary foods on tooth enamel has been extensively studied. The Minnesota Dental Association decided to take it a step further to find out the serious harm sour candies ...
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Build a Strong Smile with Regular Exercise

Of course exercise is good for our bodies and minds - we have been told this our entire lives. What may come as a surprise is that exercising is also beneficial to oral health. Exercise can reduce ...
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