Is your family stuck inside due to cold weather? Quiz your kids on these fun dental facts!

  1. On average, a person produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in his or her lifetime – enough to fill a swimming pool two times!
  2. ┬áContrary to popular belief, George Washington’s teeth were not made of wood. He had dentures made with a mixture of gold, hippopotamus tusk, elephant ivory and human teeth.
  3. A West Virginia prison inmate braided a rope out of dental floss and used it to scale the wall and escape in 1994.
  4. Elephants have the longest teeth (tusks) in the world. Their tusks can weigh over 400 pounds!
  5. Keep your toothbrush at a safe distance from the toilet. Particles that become airborne when you flush can travel up to six feet!
  6. The only cure for a toothache in Medieval Germany was to kiss a donkey.
  7. Just like your fingerprints, your tongue’s design is unique – no one has a tongue like yours!
  8. The first commercial toothbrush wasn’t made until 1938! Before that, bristles were created from twigs and bristles from animals such as pigs and horses.
  9. Although a snail’s mouth is about the size of a pin head, it can contain 25,000 teeth or more.
  10. On average, children smile around 400 times a day – keep it up!

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Courtesy of The ToothZone Network

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